A New Look for My Tasks Is Here

October 6, 2023

This time's update is all about improvements. Blending our own understanding of Sketchnote products and feedback from you, our amazing users, we've made some epic new changes to the platform!

From a new-look My Tasks, to Board tweaks that will help improve your productivity, here's what's new on Sketchnote this time:

All-new My Tasks!

We've completely redone My Tasks so you can get to issues you need to handle quickly first. Now, we've pre-arranged sections based on the task due dates.

You'll first see past due dates and tasks that may be overdue, followed by tasks due today, this week, next week, and later. Tasks without a due date are in a separate section so you can assign them one whenever possible.

The best part? On popular demand we've also added a checkbox to hide completed tasks. This way you can concentrate only on things that you need to work on, without being distracted by older issues.

This new-look My Tasks ensures a bigger, better look for your issues, including a more prominent color band for priority levels. But the rest of it remains the same! You can still open up tasks and work on it from within My Tasks and see everything assigned to you within your organization.

New dashboard widgets are here

Sometimes too much information can have a counterintuitive effect, and at Sketchnote we understand this. While a host of widget options were available on the platform earlier, we've whittled them down to show you the most important ones only with this new update.

In the central widget options, you can now see tasks assigned to you, your favorite files, and your workspaces. The side widget option now features the Calendar widget, plus the upcoming deadline widget is now sticky to show you what's due.

Other widgets like the Lo-fi chill zone, AskAlex tab, Help centre, and change log still remain as is.

This is an endeavor from Sketchnote's side to ensure your dashboard remains as clutter-free as possible, while still giving you information you need at a glance!

Board changes

We've added a couple of improvements to the Board you're going to love! After all, most of these ideas came from YOUR feedback:

First up, you can now duplicate single tasks with just a click of a button! A lot of you had been asking for a way to duplicate one-off tasks without turning them into templates. So, now you can click on the horizontal kebab menu on the task card (or inside it) and click on duplicate task! That simple.

Second, you can now add an assigner to your task. This helps add a point of contact for the issue at hand, plus aids in analytics better.

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