All-new Approvals and Notifications on Sketchnote!

March 8, 2024

This latest Sketchnote update will revolutionize project management for your agency. And we're not just saying it! Our commitment to providing a workflow par excellence continues with the introduction of two groundbreaking features this week: Approvals and all-new notifications! Let's tell you all about it:

Approvals, finally live on Sketchnote

You've probably seen the feature on Sketchnote for a few days now, and we're extremely chuffed to announce that we've implemented the amazing new Approvals feature in Sketchnote. Now, you can easily raise approval requests for each task, involving both your colleagues and clients. This feature is designed to facilitate collaboration and ensure that your projects move forward smoothly.

To get started, click on the double-check button on each task. Add approvers from within your team or clients you've already added to Sketchnote. Choose the number of minimum okays required for this particular task to be considered as approved. And that's it!

Your approvers will receive real-time notification and a mail to approve, reject, or request changes on this task.

With Sketchnote's Approvals, you have the power to enhance communication, make informed decisions, and keep your projects on track. Improved transparency is finally here to elevate your project management process!

Notifications, overhauled

We understand the importance of staying updated on your project's progress, and the need to have a robust notifications system. To further improve your user experience on Sketchnote, we're pleased to announce a complete revamp of our notifications system!

Our new and improved notifications system will show you a pop-up box on the website with information you need to pay attention to. It will be accompanied by an audible ding, which will help if you're not on the Sketchnote tab at the moment!

These enhancements aim to keep you in the loop, ensuring that you never miss a crucial update. With Sketchnote's enhanced notifications, you can stay focused and engaged, even in the busiest of work environments!

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