Add subtasks to task + List view now available

March 16, 2022

This week too, we’ve worked on enhancing your Boards experience and taking it closer to as world class as it gets. To that end, we’re so pleased to introduce you to subtasks inside main tasks, as well as whole new view to see them in! Let’s tell you all about it!

Add subtasks to tasks

Many times we need to break a bigger task into smaller ones, and assign each of these separately. Well, you don’t need to create yet another task for that any longer! Head on inside a task and create a subtask. Assign these independently within your team, and have them mark it as complete when done.

A cool new icon will tell you on the Board home page if a main task has subtasks inside too. What’s more, you can also collapse the subtask view and reopen it any time you want on the home page.

Here’s how it works:

View tasks in a list form

Now, besides the nifty Kanban style view of your Board, you can choose to view it in the list format. Compared to the former, the list style view is more horizontal, making your details a lot more readable for each task. Don’t worry though, you can drag and drop tasks, reorder them, and mark them as done—just like in the Kanban view!

Here’s how it looks:

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