White-labeling Comes To Sketchnote!

December 22, 2023

We've got possibly what's one of the biggest updates to Sketchnote, just in time for the merry season!

We've added white-labeling capabilities to Sketchnote, helping you make the interface truly belong to your agency. And we've added the much-requested Move tasks feature to this time's update. Let's go!

Upload your logo with white-labeling

This is an exciting new addition! Introducing Sketchnote's white-labeling service—a game-changer for agencies. You can now effortlessly infuse your brand into your Sketchnote organization, turning it into your agency's own portal.

Now you can upload your logo to Sketchnote, easily. This means a personalized, professional touch for both your team and clients, elevating your agency's unique identity.

Sketchnote's white-labeling service ensures brand consistency across task management, time tracking, and analytics.

This feature is currently available only for Sketchnote Advanced plan members. You can upgrade right away for a more polished, professional agency management experience!

Move tasks from one file to another

Ever felt the need to take your existing tasks, as they are—subtasks, descriptions, and more—and put them in another file?

Let's tell you a great example: A lot of our power users work on monthly task files. But what happens when there are some left over and need to be transferred to another file? Well, now you can!

Select tasks you wish to move, click on move files, and choose the file you want it moved to! It's as simple as that. Check out the gif and video to see how they work!

Check out all the changes in action

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