Task IDs on Boards make searching easier

May 19, 2022

While the Sketchnote universe is pretty vast, we find ourselves coming back to our Boards time and again. The reason? It's pretty simple, we have a ton of requests from users like you for additional features on Boards time and again! One popular request was an assignment of task IDs that can help you identify and locate an issue quickly. And we're so glad to say it's now live! Take a look at this, plus other Board improvements this week.

Task IDs, now live

Now when you start a new Board and begin to add issues to it, each task will be assigned a unique ID code to it. The ID will have the initial of the Board name, plus the number of the task this particular one happens to be. So, for example, your Board is called New Board and this is the third task you're adding to it, the ID will be a version of “NB-3”. You get the drift.

Why are we adding these? Let's tell you!

Search for tasks easily

Yes! We've also implemented a search button in your Boards that you can use to look for particular tasks, using these Task IDs. These ticket numbers can be very crucial for tech teams, as well as customer relationship management, especially when time is of the essence. Simply quote the task number to your teammate when needed, or look for the task with the ID quoted to you, and get to your issues faster. Forget about scrolling through endless issues! Check the video out to see how these changes work!

Add new tasks better

We love working on smaller delights that make life easier for our users. Here's one example. This week, we've added a small but important change to your Sketchnote Boards. When you're starting off a fresh Board, the plus button to add a new task will now be visible next to the column name itself. No more scrolling around to find it! Easy, right?

Bug fix: Filter visibility

Some of our users had trouble seeing the contents of the filter button while using the Board. This issue has now been fixed, and will have better visibility!

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