New Timesheet Upgrades Plus UI Fixes

March 15, 2024

After launching some new features back-to-back, it's time to enhance already existing ones! When we slow down a bit and check out our feedback box, we see all your wonderful ideas on how to make existing Sketchnote features better. And that motivates us to dedicate a feature improvement week at least once a month! So, let's get into what's new this week!

Timesheet Updates:

  • Task Grouping: You can now group tasks, where all time clocked in subtasks will be neatly mentioned underneath the main task. No more confusion with generic log names like "log 1" and "log 2" – you'll now know exactly which task each log belongs to. This will help you perform pivot tables and other operations on CSV exports a lot better, without fretting over pairing subtasks with their parents. Of course, if you wish for a group-by-task setting way to look at your timesheet, you can choose that option from the drop-down instead.

  • Time Range Display: You'll now see the precise time range for each task on the timesheet. For example, it will display "10:12 am to 12:16 pm," providing clarity on the exact duration spent on each task.

  • Persistent Filters on CSV Export: When you apply filters to your timesheet and download CSV data for local examination, those filters will now persist on the CSV file as well. No more re-adding filters in Excel— say hello to a seamless experience.

  • CSV Time Formatting: Downloaded CSV files will now display the time spent on each task in a more readable decimal format, eliminating the need to decipher milliseconds.

UI/UX Changes

  • Circular Mark as Complete Button: The Mark as complete button is now circular in shape, even in list views. This makes it visually distinct from the square button used for bulk actions, enhancing usability and reducing the chances of errors.

  • Better Subtask Visibility: Subtasks are now clearly visible on the calendar view, denoted by an arrow next to them. Hovering over a subtask will display the name of its parent task, providing context and improving navigation.

  • Streamlined Filters in Kanban View: In the Kanban view, filters are now more streamlined. Instead of displaying icons of all your teammates at the top, you can open a dropdown and use checkboxes to select which teammates' tasks you want to filter, ensuring a clutter-free view tailored to your needs.

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