BRAND NEW Whiteboard and Calendar views on Sketchnote

September 12, 2022

We're loving the feedback on custom fields already! It's been vital for us to provide the most seamless experience to our users when you work on tasks. And today's updates are exactly along these lines. Presenting, brand new Whiteboard and Calendar looks! Let's tell you all about it these:

Whiteboard gets a facelift

We're super excited to introduce you to the new Sketchnote Whiteboard experience, that will make brainstorming and remote visual collaboration with your teams a rich experience. To start off with, say hello to sections on Whiteboard. You can select a bunch of elements on your board and move them around together, instead of moving single ones.

The Whiteboard also has a brand new highlighter feature and connectors to make mind mapping a breeze. A fun new addition are stamps! You can use frequently-used emojis—as well as some Sketchnote character images—to stamp your approval on a canvas!

Utility-wise, we've got another amazing feature: You can now link Sketchnote files and lessons from within your organization onto the Whiteboard. This is great for referencing and internal redirection, without ever leaving the canvas. You can, obviously, also embed external links and videos too. Isn't this kickass?

New look Calendar

Now, find the Calendar tab with subviews like a month, week, work-week, day and agenda. These subviews will help you get everything from a bird's eye view of your month to a granular look at what your day looks like.

We've added a bonus feature to Calendar too! If you've synced your Google Calendar too Sketchnote, we'll show you all the meetings you've got lined up in the Calendar view too, so you never miss a call. Please note that like the Calendar widget, the Google Calendar meetings that show up inside files are currently in read-only mode, but we're working on expanding its capabilities quickly. One step at a time!

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