Introducing Sketchnote AI To Power Up Your Work

May 3, 2023

We're here with some amazing news—Sketchnote's on the AI train! Presenting AI on Sketchnote docs, for all your quick content generation needs.

If there's one thing that's become clear over the last few months, it's that AI can actually be a handy way to help push your work along faster. And it made perfect sense to bring together Sketchnote's powerful documents and AI to aid you in your daily tasks. Let's tell you a bit about how this works.

Sketchnote AI is here!

On any document on Sketchnote, you can hit the / icon and type in AI to bring up the bot. We've already populated the tool with some frequent use-case scenarios like writing a tweet, generating a content calendar, fixing grammar, or writing a quick sales email, amongst other options. You can pick from the list above to make short work of your tasks or write in your own prompt. Remember, the more detailed your prompt, the better the response. Some stuff you can do with Sketchnote's AI:

  • Generate a pros and cons list: Contemplating an action plan? Ask Sketchnote AI to help you out with making a decision.

  • Write social copy: Create copies for Instagram, Twitter, or even LinkedIn within seconds. Simply tell the AI your topic and go!

  • Write a blog post: Produce long-form content super quickly. Tell the AI bot what you wish to write about, and the word count, and you're done.

As an inaugural offer, Sketchnote AI will be free to use for all users till 31 July 2023, following which we will announce a pricing tier for the tool.

Link files in docs

We've seen several instances where you need to add a reference to another file in Sketchnoteverse (yes, this is a thing now!). And so, in today's update, we've added a way to link files inside documents on Sketchnote.

To do this, simply hit / and look for the option called File. Once you click on it, you'll be shown all the files you can link to this document. Or, you can search for it too. Linked files can be opened by simply clicking on them. Neat, isn't it?

Brand new onboarding

We've designed a brand-new onboarding system for new sign-ups on Sketchnote. It's been designed to give you an experience tailored to your profile and needs from being on the platform. We'll ask you questions like what your role in your organization is (founder, part of an accelerator, student, etc.) and what your main objective for using Sketchnote is (are you using it for project management or task management?). And boom! Let's show you how you can accomplish your main goals quickly and efficiently with Sketchnote!

Tweaks to the layout

We're making some cosmetic changes to the Sketchnote layout to make it look more aesthetic and aligned. For example, check out this gif for a before and after comparison. A lot more symmetric and aligned, Sketchnote's gotten a facelift!

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