Document improvements: Columns, indents, and bug fixes

December 22, 2021

It’s nearly Christmas, and Sketchnote’s feeling the spirit of the season. So, here we are, with a bag full of goodies that we like to call feature additions and bug fixes! Shall we spread the joy, so as to speak? Let’s get to it!

Columns galore

Woof, we’ve had SO many requests for this, we had to get this out in time for the festivities! Now, you can drag your text and image blocks inside your editor to create a multi-column layout. These columns are perfect for blog-style layouts, for comparisons, and more. Check ‘em out!

Documents get colorful!

You can now make your documents look a lot more swanky with our all-new cover images! All you need to do is start a new document (or template), and choose the “Add cover” option. While we randomly assign a great cover to your doc, you can choose from a whole list of beautiful-looking, and meaningful options that we have.

Indent away

Talking about the editor... we’ve added a feature that’s going to be pretty nifty when you’re working on it. Now, you can hit the tab button and create an indented block on the editor. Want to un-indent your block? Simple, just hit Shift+Enter. Check it out in action!

Bug fixes: On the editor and Boards

We’ve also squashed a couple of bugs this week—one on the editor and one in Boards. Now when you’re working on the editor, and create headers, it will no longer be a formatting issue, and it’ll work like it’s supposed to. On boards, on deleting a task, the window will automatically shut itself so you can quickly look at the rest of the board. No more going around in circles!

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