Three New Feature Updates on Sketchnote

August 7, 2023

After a couple (read: THREE) of new feature updates, we've worked on improvements this week! Over the last month or so we launched features like Wiki view, a whole new Scrum view, and a brand new AI QueryBot. If you've not checked out these details yet, you can head on to our changelog and find out everything we released in the last few weeks. And so, this week, we decided to incorporate some feature improvements to our already existing, hit features. (Hat tip: Team Tip Tales, thank you for your suggestions!) Here they are:

Re-arrange subtasks with ease

We get it. Like most of you, we dump our subtasks into the main task in bulk and then wonder which ones we need to get to first. Unfortunately, this dump remained in static order. But that was before this week's updates!

Now, you can simply drag and drop your subtasks to re-arrange them in the order of your preference, chronology, or priority.

Check out how it works!

Workspaces on reporting analytics

Admins, rejoice! We've now added a new feature tweak that will allow you to track your team's analytics and metrics at an even more granular level.

While you could choose files to track in your reporting metrics earlier, you can now choose to include or exclude entire workspaces for better control.

So say you need to see team performance analytics for just your sales and marketing, as well as content spaces, you can open the dropdown and check boxes next to just these two workspaces. Exclude the rest to get absolutely accurate data on the segmented areas you need!

Calendar widget gets more interactive

We know you love the calendar widget on your dashboards! It's a mainstay for most teams we speak with, who tell us being able to see what meetings they're scheduled to be a part of, on Sketchnote, is extremely helpful.

And with this week's update, it's about to get a lot more so! You can now click on the meeting name on the calendar widget, to have it open on the Google Calendar website, in a new tab.

Here, you can modify or delete your calendar entry, whenever you need. Add more meetings while still on the site, and see it populate on your Sketchnote widget.

Awesome, right?

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