Turn Your Task Into a Template

March 7, 2023

We love how so many startups have already embraced the idea of making their own templates and saving time and energy while dealing with daily tasks. Yes, we're looking at you!

We're all big proponents of templatizing recurring activities and creating a more streamlined way of working. And to take this a step further, this week we're introducing a way to turn your tasks into templates.

Plus form improvements like sheet view and CAPTCHA are here. Let's begin!

Task templates are ready to go

You can now create and reuse tasks regularly, including custom fields and placeholder text. Say, you need to create a task to register a new customer in your system. Instead of manually adding fields for your new entry, you can choose a template when adding a new task. And you're good to go!

To choose a template task, you can either click on the + icon next to a Kanban column. You can choose a blank task here or start with your existing templates. You can also open File options on the top right of your screen and choose "Task templates". Another way of getting templates is to open a new task, choose the kebab menu on the top left of your task and choose Import a template.

There are two very simple ways of creating your own templates. Click on the + icon next to the Kanban column and then select New template. Fill out the task box with fields, including custom ones, and click on "Create template".

Or, when you've added a new blank task to your board and realize you want to repeat it, click on the kebab menu on the top right of the screen and click on Save as template. Give your template a relevant name you can recognize easily and save it!

Sheet view on forms

Besides the inbox and summary views that allow you to get a compact look at all the responses to your form, we've decided to go a step further. Presenting the sheet view in results for forms!

Now, you'll be able to see all your responses in a worksheet format and download it to analyze them better. You can work with this sheet on Sketchnote itself, or use your own programs for analyzing the data better—take your pick!

CAPTCHA for form submission

Another awesome addition to forms this week is the addition of CAPTCHA for submission. A simple click on the CAPTCHA can help you avoid being spammed by bots or invalid submissions. Add it to your form through form settings and be assured of authentic responses.

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