Sketchnote Whiteboard Has a New Timer!

January 9, 2023

On behalf of Team Sketchnote, I'd love to wish you a happy and prosperous new year! We hope you've had a great holiday season and an even better back-to-work week. We sure have! And thanks to our reinvigorated spirit, there are a couple of amazing updates we want to tell you about this time! Let's go:

Whiteboard, now with countdown timer!

You read that right! Sketchnote whiteboards now come with a personal countdown timer that you can set to up to 99 minutes. This timer will count you down to whatever minutes you set on the top right of your screen, so you know when to stop doodling or working on the task you're on currently. You can even add some extra time in one minute increments with a handy button on the timer!

As we mentioned, this is a personal timer, so your colleagues working on the same whiteboard as you will not be able to see it. It's purely meant for your own tasks and scheduling. Go on, give it a shot!

More whiteboard improvements

We've added smaller changes to the whiteboard to enhance your experience on them. First, we promised you a fix for the text resizing issue, and here it is! You can now add text to your board and then use the side control on the box to increase the size of the text canvas, or drag the side of the box to increase and decrease the font size. Check out the gif below for more!

Another quick improvement is that now when you add a shape to your whiteboard, we'll show you quick controls around it to replicate it!

Workspace guest access available

This week, we've also introduced the ability to add guests on a workspace level. This will allow you to add freelancers, outside collaborators and even important clients to a single workspace. The rest of the organization's files will remain unavailable to them.

To add a new guest to your workspace, click on the kebab menu next to the workspace name on the sidebar. Choose Manage members and Add member. Add your guest's email ID, and you can change their access level once invited. A guest added to your workspace will count as a guest in your organization plan.

This new change puts privacy and guest access levels front and centre on Sketchnote, and will give you more control over the files you wish to share.

Check out all the changes in action!

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