Ember documents offline and start a doc quickly from dashboard!

November 24, 2021

The Sketchnote Content Editor Gets Smarter!

We love receiving feedback. We really do! But more than that, we love turning this feedback into delights for our users, by making features out of them. Truly, it's a successful outing for us when we manage to give our users what they want.

And that's been our story of this week. We put together all the feedback we've received about our editor in the last couple of weeks and went to work on them. These new features and improvements are based on that. Check 'em out!

Edit your documents offline

This has been a much-requested feature very high on our lists. And with good reason. It's not always possible to be connected to the Internet—when you're traveling, or in an area with patchy connectivity. And in situations like this, having the ability to work on your workspace is invaluable.

Presenting, offline editing! Work on Sketchnote, no matter where you are without Internet connectivity. Once online, your changes and edits will be made live. Like magic!

Embeds, now live

As we work on making the Sketchnote experience a truly immersive one, we've taken a big step in that direction. Now you can embed YouTube videos on your workspace, using the URL. Bring up the embed option by using the "/" command on your editor and choose embed. Paste the link on it, and watch your video come to your document! You can resize the video to suit your needs too.

Quickly start working from the dashboard

We understand the quick-paced world of running startups—sometimes one extra click is one too many. So now, you can quickly start a new document or board by clicking one button from the top of the dashboard. You will also find a quick link to head to the Template Store and browse through the 100+ templates we have available!

Get to the blog quickly via home

When we started the Sketchnote Blog, we wanted the information to be a learning experience and a supplement to all the knowledge you get on the platform. So we're making it easier for you to access it. Find our most popular blog posts through a sneak peek, right on the homepage! Go to the blog quickly right from there!

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