Floating team heads make colab easier!

December 1, 2021

Making Sketchnote Collabs Cooler!

It's a brand new month, and we have miles to go in December. But not without telling you what we've been up to in the last week of November.

It's been a crazy month at Sketchnote, and we decided to amp it up just that tiny bit more. The core team that works out of Mumbai decided to head off for our annual "workation" where we press down hard on the gas and accelerate real fast, build together as a team, and generally have a good time in a picturesque location. Here's a postcard from cool Lonavala!

And so, all the updates that we'll be telling you about this week is a result of our mini "workation"! Let's get to it.

Team visibility during collabs, live

Ever wondered what your teammates are up to on the document you're working on? The hardest part of designing a seamless collaboration experience is to find a way to show who's working with you, and on what, without being too disruptive. And that's exactly why we've introduced floating teammate heads on documents!

Now when you're on a doc with your team, see what line they're on. It'll subtly ensure you see the changes in action, without messing up your focus. Tell us what you think!

Grammarly bug, now fixed

This has been one of the most reported issues in November. Earlier, using Grammarly on Sketchnote would lead to random cursor jumps and inability to correct faulty language. We've now fixed this issue. However, we do realize there's a lot more work that'll go in with Grammarly and other language extensions on browsers. One issue we're working on as you read this is where Grammarly extensions can slow Sketchnote editors down. Don't worry, we're on it!

Safari table bug fixed

We also fixed an uber crucial bug that prevented Safari users from working on a table they added to the editor. You will now find that the Safari table cells are fully functional, and won't be dead any longer!

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