Bug fixes: Collaboration, task count, copy-paste and more

April 6, 2022

It's one of those extermination weeks! We go ahead and do housekeeping once in a while to keep our stuff in order, and this one's pretty important for us. Let's tell you all about it!

Collaboration bug fix

First up, we're so glad to say you'll now be able to view collaborator heads popping around when your team's working on the same document as you. See what line your colleague's on, and what they're editing—all while they can see you too!

Task count now visible on Boards

Good news! You can now see how many tasks are present in each column, with just a glance. We'll show you the number of tasks right next to the name of the column, so you don't have to scroll through, play guess, or count manually. Neat, isn't it?

Copy data between table and editor

We had some trouble with copy-pasting of data on documents, where data from tables couldn't be pasted to the editor. Well, go ahead and try it out. It works now!

Move task to other Boards, fixed

Many users found an issue trying to move a task to another Board, since only a handful of them were visible earlier. Now, you can see every Board you have access to when you try to move a task.

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