Say hello to a brand new dashboard!

January 12, 2022

We love surprises. Who doesn’t, right? But more than receiving these, we love to give surprises a lot more. So, if you’re a long-time Sketchnote user, you probably got it last week. We’re here to tell you about the brand new dashboard experience rolled out on Sketchnote last week, and more improvements. Here it goes:

A spankin’ new dashboard

Say hello to a whole new and improved way to access your Sketchnote world. With this version of the dashboard, YOU’RE in control. Not only will you be able to see things that are most important, you also get to choose what to view when.

The default views will show you everything from recent templates you’re working on, documents currently in progress, and boards. You can also get Sketchnote recommendations for lessons, and check out our recent blog posts. We also have a new Pro Tip section that will help you get more out of your Sketchnote experience! Oh, and also some motivational messages to give you a push through the day!

Want to concentrate on just a few views on your dashboard? No problem! Check out the Preferences tab and simply toggle the views, at any time at all. It’s that simple!

A lot more to do on Boards!

You know, the reason we love working on Sketchnote Boards is because the scope of improvement here is crazy! We’re constantly trying to expand our horizons with Boards and help you get more out of it. And to that end, we have a few new features we KNOW you’ll love.

First up, you can now share a public link to your board! Building a public roadmap? Or just want to show your clients what the status of your work is, without disturbing the board itself? Share a public, view-only link and let them see the status of things real time!

Next, we’ve implemented the much-requested watch task feature on boards! Interested in knowing when the status of an important task changes? Or when modifications are made to it? You can simply watch a task now, and we’ll alert you to any and every change that happens to it!

Last—but definitely not the least—you can now vote on tasks! Say you’re designing a roadmap; you can now let your team or stakeholders vote for the most important features, and then prioritize accordingly!

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