Making Sketchnote Files Smarter!

January 16, 2023

This week's updates are a result of a lot of self-introspection. As much as we love releasing new features, we often have to pedal back and try to look at them through a new lens. Many times, we realize there's a way to improve on them and enhance these kickass features and make them even better for users. For YOU! And this has been one of those weeks! Here's what's releasing today:

Duplicate your files

We've found a simple, effective way to duplicate your files! In any workspace's Files page, click on the kebab menu and choose "Create a copy". Give a name to your newly duplicated file, and it's good to go! Files duplicated within workspaces will remain in that workspace itself. You can use the "Move" option from the same kebab menu to change where it resides, if you wish to!

Creating a copy of a shared file will replicate all the content, but it won't automatically be shared with the same people. This duplicated file can be found in the Private section of your workspace and can be shared separately with other stakeholders if needed!

Take a look at how it works in the video above!

Forms now have date pickers

We've added the ability for your surveys to have a date range this week. This means that you can ask questions to your customers and clients that can allow them to choose a date or a date range. So say, you wish to ask your teammates to fill out a leave request form. They can tell you they'll be unavailable between 12 January, to 14 January.

You can also let responders choose a single day, and even let them pick dates only from a particular date range that you set. Isn't this cool?

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