BIGGEST Launch! Sketchnote's Template Store Is Here!

November 14, 2022

This is a very special update for us and we're so excited. The biggest feature we've been working on nearly secretly is now live! Presenting, the Sketchnote Template Store! Here's everything you need to know about it:

Hello, Template Store!

When we introduced files and detailed views like Kanban, Document and Whiteboard to Sketchnote, we realized their humungous potential. For one, you can create your own routine by constantly replicating files, essentially templatizing your workflow.

So we thought: hey, why not have our own templates?

And that germ of an idea blossomed into us creating a template store that currently houses 100+ files! From Document to Whiteboard, Form and Document view, you can look for templates that are specific to your business needs at the moment, and kickstart your work within seconds.

Each template is rich in content that's specific to those situations. So if you're looking for a template to aid you with a round raise, we'll provide you with a template that will let you build a database of investors, meeting lists, and a lot more.

Similarly, a Board template will have custom field placeholders to help you create your funnel flow. Forms will allow you to send out questionnaires and collect data from specific audiences.

And a whiteboard template will have illustrations that make collaboration a breeze!

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