Multi List View With Filters Now on Sketchnote!

19th January, 2023

We've had a rather special start to this year with some amazing features released and in the pipeline. There's also our amazing new LinkedIn audio series—Agency Growth: From $0-$1 million ARR keeping listeners engaged online! So if you haven't checked it out yet, we've added links at the end of this newsletter. Stay with us!

And now, for this week's update:

Multiple list views and filters, now live on Sketchnote

Like most of our recent updates, this one too is rooted in your—our power users'—requests. Many of your agencies wished to see multiple lists on their boards, each with its own filters.

And it's now live! Now, you can add list views an unlimited number of times to your board and activate filters on them. So, you can have one list view with the priority filter on where you see just high priority items, or a list view with tasks assigned to only one team member.

It's super simple to do this: Click on +Add view button and add a list view to your board. Now, use the filter icon on the required column and set the filter. It's now going to be sticky and available to your whole team.

Bonus: You can rename this view to say "High priority items" or "Items assigned to Jack" so you can find the view easily!

Check out the new list view changes in action on Sketchnote!

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