Form Attachments Are Here

January 30, 2023

Continuing with our theme of improving our existing features, we've got three amazing upgrades for you this week! Without further ado, let's get right into it:

Form upgrades: Add checkbox and attachments

We've received great feedback from all of you, our users, on how we can improve your forms' experience. And this week we've added two more informative question options that you can incorporate into your forms and send it across to your users and clients.

The first of them is a checkbox option. You can use this to ask questions that have the possibility of more than one answer. Responders can select as many or as few options as they want, and send in their answers.

The second of these new upgrades is the ability to send in attachments by your responders. So, if you're hiring for a new position, the application form you create on Sketchnote will allow your potential hirees to add their resumés to it too! With attachments, the kind of forms you can create are absolutely limitless!

Go on and take forms for a spin!

Hide quick filters on boards

We know how important laser focus is when you're working on your tasks. Especially on Kanban boards where tasks and their important aspects already take up so much of your attention. So, now, you can hide quick filters that allow you to choose a view with tasks of particular teammates.

Clicking on hiding the view will clear out this section, allowing you to concentrate on the tasks. You can always bring this view back by opening the Filter dropdown and toggling Quick filters option on.

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