Introducing Calendar View and Guest Access

April 21, 2022

As you probably know from following our journey thus far, we've been developing our Board at a breakneck speed. Only recently we've added the List view, Whiteboard view and the Gantt view to it. And now, we're proud to present the Calendar view! Here's all about it, plus more feature updates.

Calendar view on Boards is here!

Besides seeing your tasks in a Kanban, List or Gantt view, you can now check your project deadlines in the calendar view too. Perfect for when you want to check the dates across which your tasks fall, or how full your month is looking. Use the customize option to see assignees and the comment icon on your calendar tasks, so you know which one to tackle first. Check it out in action!

Give guest access to important docs and Boards

Many times you want an outside collaborator to pitch in on a document or have a look at a task on your Board. But, obviously, you want them to be strictly limited to what you want them to see. Presenting a robust guest access system on Sketchnote! Now you can invite a collaborator to a document or one particular Board and have them work on it along with your team. They'll need to have a Sketchnote account too to be able to make changes alongside your team. See how it works.

View tasks across organizations

Now, on your dashboard, you will be able to see all the tasks assigned to you across multiple organizations and workspaces you may be a part of. This is great to be able to keep a tab on all your issues from one place alone. It doesn't matter which organization's dashboard you're on. All your tasks will be on top of your list! here's how it works:

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