Split View Comes To Sketchnote

November 21, 2022

We've been on cloud 9 all this week—and with good reason! The Sketchnote Template store has been a hit, and a huge step in us moving towards our much-awaited public launch. We're loving seeing you, our early-adopters, extensively use these templates, and we can't wait to keep expanding our library.

But this week's update is more about refining your experience on Sketchnote further. Thanks to a bunch of feedback we received a while ago, we've now added a split view to our files. Let's tell you all about it!

Use split view in files!

The one great thing about your files is that you can add multiple views to them—from docs to Kanban boards, Whiteboard, and much more. But what happens when you want to work on different views at the same time? Well, wonder no more. Use the split view!

This tool will let you look at content from different views in your file simultaneously. So if you're looking to note down pointers from your whiteboard jam into a document, this is what you need to be using. The great part about the split view is that you can run through multiple different views in the same screen and get all your content quickly!

Check out the video to see how it works!

Doc collaboration tweaks

We've added a smooth new update to doc collaboration. Here's how it works: If multiple people are working on a document together, you'll be able to hover over their names to hide them and see the content behind them. Earlier, it would get a tad difficult to read the words behind the names. No more!

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