Introducing board sticky headers and notification improvements

December 15, 2021

This week, team Sketchnote has been a bit BOARD. Geddit, geddit? Sorry about the punny joke, but we've been super excited about working on improving your Boards experience for a bit now. And now, we have some awesome stuff to show for it! Let's get into it!

Boards sticky headers, to the rescue

It's going to be a lot easier for you to keep a tab on what column you're working on Boards now. Earlier, when you had multiple entries on your board, it could get a tad tough to keep track of the columns. That's a thing of the past now with sticky headers!

Go to Boards task from notifications

We hear you. It can be quite crazy when you're working with a big team, loads of Boards entries, and then someone tags you in a task. It could be complicated to spot which one you'd been mentioned in or assigned to. Not any longer! Now, you'll be routed straight to the task you've been assigned to, right from your notifications. Simple!

Default assigner on Boards is you!

When you're now assigning tasks on your board, do note that you won't have to select an assigner any longer! You're the default assigner for the tasks you start to create. And if you do wish to hand the assignment duties to someone else, you can always click on the drop-down menu and select another colleague!

Bug fixes: Notification throwbacks!

We've fixed an issue with notifications, where you couldn't scroll back to find older ones beyond a certain number. You can now take a trip down memory lane and find notifications as old as your Sketchnote account itself! Find everything of importance to you right where you left them before.

Sketchnote tip of the week: New walkthrough videos!

As Sketchnote evolves—on a weekly basis, mind you!—we're trying to ensure our walkthrough videos continue to look fresh too! You can find these videos when you first create your Sketchnote account, or when you click on the help button on the top right of your screen. Scroll to find the Demos section and go through our spanking new videos!

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