Scrum Sprints Come to Sketchnote!

July 17, 2023

Boy, do we have a slamming update for you today! Usually, we announce a bevy of updates in each of our newsletters, but this one is special. We've reserved this one especially for one huge, amazing feature—also a much-requested one. Scrum!

Let's tell you more about the new agile sprint-specific view we've just launched!

Start Scrum sprints on Sketchnote

We know many companies and tech teams that are on Sketchnote also swear by the agile methodology of working. And Scrum is by far one of the most popular ways of doing agile sprints.

So, we added a whole separate Scrum view on Sketchnote that will get you started on the journey quickly.

To start your own sprint, fire up the Scrum view. You'll notice that we've already demarcated the view neatly into Backlog, Sprint board, and Analytics.

Now, add items to your empty board. You can classify these as stories, bugs, or tasks. Next, you can create a larger Epic that allows you to classify your smaller user stories. For the unversed, every Epic usually follows a theme and a higher goal under which each of these corresponding user stories resides.

Finally, once you have a subset of relevant user stories ready, you can add them to a new Sprint and start working on it! Remember, traditionally each Sprint lasts around two weeks and requires a Scrum master, a Product Owner, and several meetings to be completely fruitful.

So, gather your tech and product teams and get started working on your own agile sprints with just a click!

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