Sketchnote X Slack and a new look Board

March 10, 2022

We know you love using Sketchnote Boards. You do! And we’ve upgraded the look and feel of it all, including Markdown editor functionalities to it! Plus, we’ve added new color-coded labels. Here’s a lowdown on it all.

Brand new look to the Boards, plus Markdown editor

For those of you who love to use Sketchnote Boards for their projects and team coordination, you’ll notice the Boards have started looking a LOT more colorful and detailed. Besides the cover picture and emoji you add to your task to give it character, on the inside you can now use the Markdown editor to actually detail out your tasks with formatting.

Write down entire blog posts, articles, and even pitches inside and coordinate with your team. No more externally linking to documents! Besides, you can now see important details of the task like Assigner, Assignee, Dates, Priority and Label on the right inside the task, so you don’t miss out on the important bits.

Check it out in action!

Labelling made easy

Now when you add a label to the task, a (randomly assigned) color will pop up for it. We’ll show you a color band for tasks under a particular label, on the top portion of the ticket, so you can get to those easier! The more labels added to a task, the more color bands will be visible. We love this cool feature, and hope you’ll find utility in it too.

Check it out.

Slack integration, now live

Want to keep a keener eye on your Board and changes to them? We got you! Use the Explore tab to connect your Board to your Slack group to get updates like new task added, assigner changed, date changes, status changes, and more. The best part is that the whole team benefits with updates!

See it in action!

Bug fixes galore

In our quest to keep features from breaking to the bare minimum, we’ve been doubling down on our efforts to squash bugs as quickly as possible. Here are some we’ve managed to exterminate this week:

  • No more data duplication, or data disappearing on docs. We’re aware that this has been a pain point for a while now, and that the solution wasn’t always straight forward. Thank you for bearing with us. This bug’s closed now!

  • The spankin’ new whiteboard is now faster. What that means is that we’ve optimized how the data is saved on your whiteboards and tweaked it to make the save times faster.

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