Introducing Sketchnote Whiteboards!

February 24, 2022

We can barely contain our excitement! It’s been a long time in the making—and we were hit by a few delays—but it’s finally live! You can now use whiteboards on Sketchnote! Let’s tell you a bit about it, plus one more new feature:

Draw, brainstorm, collaborate on whiteboards

We’ve equipped every Sketchnote board with a whiteboard now, woohoo! You can toggle between the Kanban and the whiteboard mode now, easily. Move between your tasks on a board to a whiteboard. You can doodle on it, add Post-it notes, draw freehand, and more! Work on these solo or with your teammates. Perfect for remote working—and for collaborating with clients and freelancers. Check out our latest baby in action.

Share a public link to your docs

Often times you need to share a page with multiple people, but in a read-only format. You don’t want people trifling through your content! So, you can now share a public link to your documents with anyone at all, quite like your boards. The possibilities of the public share are endless! Create a bio page, a CV or a basic web page for you or your services—with links, et al—and share them on the Internet. Check it out!

Feature tweaks: View workspace privacy level; see where you’re moving your tasks

First up, with our new update you can see whether a particular workspace you’re operating in is public or private. Earlier, you could only see the privacy level if you were an admin. Now, anyone in the workspace will be able to see if it’s public for the whole organization or limited to a few teammates. Of course, you can’t toggle between the modes! But you’ll know now.

Another nifty fix on boards is when you’re trying to move a task from one board to the other. Now, you’ll be able to see the destination of the board you’re shifting the task to. See the pathway of whether it’s in a private workspace, general boards or a shared one! Make an informed decision and avoid oops moments!

Bug fix: Copy paste with ease

We’re aware that a number of users had an issue with the copy paste functionality on the editor, especially from MS Word. Well, if you had a problem with your data not being pasted properly, or some of it not pasting at all, we’ve gotten it fixed!

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