Time-tracking Widget Live on Sketchnote!

April 19, 2024

Time is money—especially if you're running a services business! The stronger hold you have on time you spend on tasks, the better you can streamline your workflow, manage resources, and optimize your agency's offerings.

At Sketchnote, we know this all too well! With our superior time-tracking feature on tasks, we've helped revolutionize how agencies work.

And today, we're taking this time-tracking ability to the next level. Introducing, the timer widget on Sketchnote. Let's tell you all about it!

Timer widget on Sketchnote

Say goodbye to scattered focus and hello to streamlined time management right at your fingertips. How? Well, we've got a new persistent timer display on the top of your Sketchnote screen.

With this, you will be able to keep an eye on time spent on any task, as your timer continues to tick, wherever you are.

Previously, you'd need to go back into a task to see how long you've been working on it and to switch the timer off. Now, you can navigate all across Sketchnote and still be able to switch off your timer from the widget.

The best part? You can expand the timer to see the multiple tasks you're tracking time on—in one place! Switch between the tasks quickly and turn timers off for any task you want. Want to change information within the task? Click on Go to task from within the widget and voila!

You can also click on the stopwatch icon on the top of your screen to bring up all the active task timers, and ones you've recently worked on. Start a timer from within this widget, without having to hunt for the task inside your files!

It's effortless, convenient, and time-saving (while being time-tracking!) AND you can drag the widget across the screen and move it out of the way when you want.

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