Control Your File View Privacy

March 13, 2023

One of our biggest aims at Sketchnote is to ensure a level of customization to suit your needs, on every level. Therefore we've got privacy levels on workspaces and files. You decide who you want to share your data with, and who you don't. Heck, we even have password protection on public files so your information goes only to those you intend them for.

And so, this week, we're adding another layer of privacy to Sketchnote. This time, within your files. Presenting, manage view access. Let's tell you all about it.

A new access level for file views

You already know how you can add multiple views to a single file. From documents and whiteboards to task views like Kanban, list, Gantt and more—add 'em all! And now, you can also control who can see which views inside a file.

So if your marketing team doesn't need to see tech specification documents inside your file, or if a freelancer needn't have access to internal sprints, just remove their access!

Here's how it works:

For files that are shared or in public workspaces, click on Share on the top right of your screen and select Manage views. Here, you can see a list of the people who have access to this file. Find the person you want to remove access to certain views for and select the dropdown next to all views. Uncheck the box next to the views you don't want them to have and then hit save.

And that's it! You've added a new level of privacy, within files!

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