Introducing time estimates

May 26, 2022

Time Estimate, Live On Sketchnote Boards!

We've got some more Board updates for you this week! Specifically, we've started rolling out updates on time estimation for tasks, something our power users have requested earnestly. Let's tell you all about these!

Estimate task times now The first and the most important update is a stepping stone for Sketchnote Boards to really get smarter in terms of time tracking. Now, the boards allow your team to estimate how much time a task will take, in hours. So if your new website will take roughly 120 hours to finish, write down the hours so everyone is in the loop about it! But wait, what happens if more than one person is working on a task? No problemo! We've got you. Once you punch in the estimated hours, you can also divide hours individually, so anyone looking at the task knows which team member plans to dedicate how many hours to the task. We're just getting started with time tracking, so we hope you'll find value in this first new feature!

Filter tasks by assignee quickly

As you know, you can use the filter function to quickly see tasks assigned by team members on your boards. But what if you're in a bit of a hurry, which—let's face it—you usually are? Well, we've got a solution for you in this update! You can now simply click on a thumbnail of a colleague and see tasks assigned to them quickly. Revert to viewing your own tasks with a click of a button too. It's that easy!

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