Analyze This, With Sketchnote!

July 7, 2022

You remember our back-to-back emailers on how our time tracking features were coming on, right? Sometimes building big features like these takes multiple small releases. These may seem like slow weeks, but are still super exciting!

Well, it's time we introduce you to our newest baby, and the next big feature we're chasing after time tracking. Say hello to analytics!

Analytics for boards, coming up! Like we mentioned before, analytics will be a larger rollout feature, but we're so stoked to tell you about the first version of it—totally useable already. We're equipping each board with an analytics view, through which you can track data for the tasks on it. Currently, you'll find set widgets to see task status, tasks counts by assigned to feature, tasks by column, and assignee workload. You will also get to see an individual assignee mini dashboard and see how many tasks are in which column for a particular teammate. While the widgets are fixed for now, we're working on customizable ones that will help you make the most of your analytics experience, and help you stay on top of your project's tasks! Check out the feature in action in the video above!

Stop timer from anywhere Thanks to some initial feedback we've received on our time tracking feature, we're releasing a feature update that will allow you to stop your timer from anywhere on the dashboard. Currently, when you're outside the task and trying to stop your timer, it first requests that you go inside the task to shut it. Not anymore! Check out how it works.

View upcoming deadlines from the dashboard Yup, this feature does what it exactly says it does! Now, you can choose to see a widget on your dashboard that will warn you about tasks that are expected to be closed in the upcoming days. Stay on top of what's most urgent, and keep the project going smoothly.

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