GitHub integration is now live

May 5, 2022

This week's newsletter is an ode to our tech teams. A lot of blood and sweat goes into running today's startups, and we salute the tech teams that keep it moving… constantly! And so, our first and biggest weekly update goes out to you guys. We've added Github integration, so you can sync your issues and comments with Sketchnote, and work smoother!

Github x Sketchnote Boards!

You can now integrate Github to your Sketchnote Board using the Explore menu. Once you connect your Github account, you can choose from a repository to sync your Board with. And voila! Done! Now when you start creating issues in Github, they will sync with your connected Board immediately. Here's how it works!

Custom images for covers and icons

You asked for it, and we've heard ya! Now, instead of choosing from a default cover picture on your Sketchnote Board or doc, you can upload your own images, to truly customize your document. Once you've populated the upload window enough, you can also choose from a previously used image with just a click!

Similarly, we realize the importance of using your own logos as icons for Boards and docs. And now you can make full use of it! Use the upload button to choose your icon, and go!

Check it out here.

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