Get to documents faster and an improved editor experience

October 27, 2021

It's been a week of introspection, a LOT of feature improvement, and bug fixes for us at Sketchnote. Here goes:

Creating a doc or board will take you straight to it One of Sketchnote's mantra has always been to find the fastest, most convenient route to what you want to do, just when you need it. And to that end, we've made it quicker to start working on your new board or document. You'll now find yourself instantly inside your board or document, immediately after creating it, and with one click less. A small UX change for us is a giant leap for time saving!

A truckload of editor improvements! If you're like us, you've already spent a lot of time inside the Sketchnote editor. And our aim is to make the editor experience as optimal as possible. To that end, we sat down this week to add some new changes and delights to your editor usage. The very first change this time was to the table—we know you love it!. The height size of the table is now reduced. We've also reduced the size of the Todo checkbox to make it more in line with the style we hope to maintain going forward.

We've also made it easier to copy and paste images onto the editor and resize them according to the content you're working on. So, don't be shy! Go ahead and add as many images you need to enhance your docs!

Email preference, with more options now We've added some more options about when you'd like Sketchnote to contact you and update you about the ongoings in your organization. As always, you can uncheck or check a box to opt out or in of communications you think are vital at this point. Psst: You can also check and uncheck box for alerts that you get. Customize your Sketchnote journey better!

Bug fixes galore Our tech team's been at it all week, squashing bugs—reported by you guys, so pat yourselves on the back! One of the biggest bugs we've fixed is fixing the alignment of blocks to the handle on the left. Occasionally the alignment would be skewed with some blocks, and that won't happen any longer!

We've also fixed a bug that displayed an option to delete a block in a blank document. That won't be a thing any longer!

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