Quick Notes + LoFi Music are here!

May 12, 2022

Have you ever been in the middle of a daydreaming session and felt the urge to make a quick note? Or been brainstorming with your team when a few important points cropped up? Well, we've been there too!

It's not always convenient to find a handy pen and paper. Besides, when all your work is on Sketchnote, why shouldn't your notes be? So, say hello to the quick notes widget on your Sketchnote dashboard!

Jot down your thoughts quickly!

Yup! We've added a handy note-taking widget that's now available on your dashboard. The best part about the quick note is that it works exactly in the same way as your regular document. You can format your text, add headers, even add a to-do list and more!

The note will solely be visible to you on your dashboard, and to no one else. Psst: Every organization will have its own quick note, so ensure you look for the right one! Check it out!

Play music that helps you concentrate

At Sketchnote, we LOVE our Lofi music; you'll always hear mixtapes playing in our offices at all times. And the one big reason why is that it helps us concentrate so much better than silence (or any other genre of music, but we digress). When we realized that a lot of others too rely on Lofi music to help concentration, we thought it'd be a great idea to incorporate a playlist within Sketchnote, so you can spin some chillwave, while you work!

Here's how it works:

Custom icons for workspaces

Last time we told you that you could now upload custom icons to your documents and boards. And now, you can change the icon for workspaces too! This is a neat way to differentiate between your existing workspaces, and find the right one quickly. Not to mention the truly customized feeling it'll bring to your Sketchnote experience!

See how it works:

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