More Analytics for Smarter Decisions

September 30, 2022

So far, we've seen our power users really make the most of the analytics option on files. The tab—that you can easily add to any files with boards on them—helps you see the level of task completion and just how much work each teammate has at hand.

And now, we're introducing the much-awaited Reporting tab on your dashboard that gives you an overall view of ALL your files and teammates in your organization. Let's tell you about this new feature plus other stuff that's going on with Sketchnote!

Reporting tab, now live!

To be honest, we've been pilot-testing the reporting tab for a while on Sketchnote now but are only now announcing it, post multiple levels of checks and balances. While the tab is available for all to see, you can only truly get data insights if you're an organization admin. This is an added layer of security to avoid sensitive data from going beyond the admins.

Inside the reporting tab, you need to first set a date range for which you want to check out data and the files taken into consideration. You will also notice a quick summary of completed and pending tasks before a proper deep dive into tasks by completion status, assignees, workload and priorities.

In the settings drop-down on the top right of your screen, there's now a new option called availability. To get the most out of your timesheet reports, make sure your team has their daily available hours set over there—you can choose between 3 and 12 hours a day!

Once the section is filled out, the timesheet section of the reporting tab will give you the most accurate data you need to find out employee bandwidth and organization workload. Check out the burn-up and burn-down data of your team, as well as quick insights that you can use to make decisions regarding tasks.

Finally, there's the member-wise breakdown on the reporting tab that will give you a detailed look into their work schedule so far.

Browser tabs will now have file names

We get it. It's hard to find the right tab to work on when you've got plenty open. And to fix that issue, we're ensuring your browser tab names now display the name of the file, so you can quickly open it up and work on it. Pro tip: You can simply start typing the name of your file in your browser's address bar to open up a new tab with the file in it!

Assigned tasks take centre stage

We've also gone ahead and moved tasks assigned to you—across all workspaces and organizations you're a part of—to the middle of your dashboard. It used to be on the right side of your screen as a small widget, but we get that checking out your upcoming tasks is quite important. So, the change!

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