Search Your Files Better On Sketchnote!

February 6, 2023

This week, we've got one amazing new feature tweak and some bugs we've fixed based on your reports. Let's get straight to it!

Search workspace for files

This is a much-requested feature upgrade we've finally added to Sketchnote. Now, when you check out your file list inside a workspace, you'll see a search box so you can easily look for files from this space.

This chases away the issue of using the universal search box in the sidebar to look for specific files. Especially if you have copies of them across other spaces. Find the exact file you need, absolutely quickly now!

Check out how it works!

Bug fix: Task deletion in new tab solved

This fix was reported by some of you and we've sorted it out. Earlier, in some cases, when you opened a task in a new tab, the delete button would be unresponsive. Now, when you open a task in a new tab or directly via a link, you'll be able to get rid of it from right there.

Bug fix: Cleared estimated hour behavior changed

Previously, when you entered an estimated time inside a task and changed your mind, the box would not accept a blank response on deletion. This has been fixed. Now, if you delete the estimated hour count, the box will revert to its empty state.

Bug fix: Select private workspace when starting a new file from anywhere

This was an interesting one to sort out. Many users reported that if they tried to start a new file from within a custom workspace, they couldn't change their minds and choose private as an option to house that file. This has now been fixed. You can pick "private" as an option from pretty much anywhere at all now!

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