Sketchnote blog is now live

November 10, 2021

In our pursuit of knowledge and more information, we've been the students of the Internet for far too long, personally. When we started working on Sketchnote, one of our biggest aims was to impart knowledge. These were learnings gleaned by experts in their respective fields, packaging lessons to new learners to be easily digested, while still being informative enough. There are few substitutes to real-life experiences, but Sketchnote comes pretty darned close!

Introducing, the Sketchnote Blog! And so, we decided it was time to up the game. Please extend a warm welcome to the Sketchnote Blog! It's a hub of all things informational—but not limited just to only a set of topics. Over the years, we've realized the need to make the startup experience a holistic one, and that's what the blog will reflect too! From actual workings and mechanisms of startup topics less discussed, to company profiles, work-life balance, living a wholesome life, and more!

As always, we love receiving feedback from you and are eager to hear more about the blog! Here are some more feature updates from this week we'd love for you to take for a spin!

Freeze columns in tables The more Sketchers like you find various uses for tables, the more use cases we discover—as well as new features you'd like us to have! And thus, we've worked some more on our table functionality this week to add another much-requested feature: Freeze columns. You can now freeze up to two columns in order to keep certain data on the screen as you scroll through the rest of the table.

New table column types We've added three new entry styles you can use while working on tables. Use the number option to add digits (more functionalities in this column, coming soon, wink wink) to your column when you need. You can also now use the URL and email column styles to turn your entry into a link. Click on the link buttons when you're done adding the entries, and they'll open up in a new tab for you to write a mail or check out the website.

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