Sprucing Up The List View

October 28, 2022

We're back and totally energized after a festive break, and we hope you are too! And we're so stoked to announce an overhaul of a favorite feature, to give you better productivity results! Presenting, a new-look list view. Let's tell you all about it:

A new list view

Ever since we launched the list view feature, it's been loved by you guys, our early power users. But it's always felt a little incomplete. Sure, you get to view all the important information at a glance, but could there be more?

That was the challenge we put before ourselves before rehauling the list view functionality. The result? An all-new look that not just allows you to optimally view every aspect of the tasks on your board, but now also quickly allows you to add new tasks from the view, without ever really needing to open the task itself.

Add task names, assign them to someone, and add a date, priority and label to it. What's more, you can even add custom fields to the task right within the view—without even opening the task window. But, if you do want to add more information or text to it, you can always open it and go on with it.

The best part about the new change to the list view is that you can quickly keep adding tasks, quickly and one after the other. You can also drag and drop tasks between columns, add new ones and even hide them from the view. Save on some time!

Delete confirmation

We've also added an extra confirmation window to any file you plan to delete. So that you don't accidentally trash an important file.

Pro tip: If you DO end up deleting an important file, you can always use the All files filter and set it to "Deleted". Restore your file quickly from there!

Bug fix: Form result population

Our recent feature release—the forms!—is doing rather well. But, sometimes we do find one or two issues that we squash quickly. We just fixed one that would not allow you to scroll to the end of a list when you had over 20 replies to a form (Thanks Ario, for flagging this!)

Check out the new List view in action, and all the other feature enhancements and fixes from this week!

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