UX Upgrades Unleashed on Sketchnote!

November 3, 2023

We've always had a remote team, with Sketchers working around the world to ensure your experience on the platform is top-notch. And this past week, we've truly gone global with most of our team working from the UK, Munnar, and Singapore.

But first, this week's amazing updates, brought to you by our awesome (and OG global) tech team!

Upgraded "Start New File" Modal Our "Start new file" modal has received a significant facelift. The sleek new modal now offers four options: Task/File, Scrum, Form, and the AI Query Bot. If you're concerned about where the other views are, don't be! They're right here! All your task views (Kanban, Calendar, Gantt, List) and Page views (Embed, Worksheet, Document, Whiteboard, and Wiki) are now nestled under "Task/File." Form, Scrum, and AI Query Bot can be accessed directly from the modal.

You can effortlessly add all the views you're accustomed to in a file, with the List view as the primary view.

This little tweak makes things smoother when you want to start a new file and saves you precious time. Plus, you can now access Sketchnote's Template store conveniently from the brand new tab on the sidebar, just above the "+ Start new file" button.

A more streamlined Sketchnote sidebar Story time: Some of our power users manage over 200 workspaces in their organization! With the older sidebar design, scrolling endlessly to find the latest workspace could be quite a task. And the list of names being around, overwhelming. So, we've taken your feedback to improve your workspace experience. Your Sketchnote sidebar now only displays the last workspace you accessed! This keeps the focus firmly on where it needs to be—your most important spaces and files.

To get to the other workspaces, click on the name of the space to reveal a dropdown list of all your workspaces. You can easily search for a workspace by name using the search bar and select the one you need.

Click the arrow on the right to unveil the file list in that workspace. It's that simple and efficient!

Check out all the changes in action.

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