Maximize Efficiency With Sketchnote's Global Tasks

February 9th, 2024

The year 2024 has been all about making Sketchnote seamless for your usage. And this week's update adds another feather in this illustrious cap of ours. Presenting, Global tasks on Sketchnote, that give you a bird's eye view of all the work being done across your organization.

Let's tell you more.

Global tasks for admin optimization

Several Sketchnote power users, who have fully embraced Sketchnote had one question: Can owners or admins see the statuses of ALL tasks in one consolidated section?

And we built it for you! Introducing the Global tasks view, a specially built dashboard for organization owners and admins to get a peek into all the work being done on Sketchnote.

You can head to the Global tasks section on the left sidebar now and check out all items listed. Use the filter options on task status, priority, due date, assignees, and more to find the exact work being done.

This feature will help cut out the need to go into workspaces and files to individually track project-based issues and their progress. You can also track the completion status of team members on tasks over months, helping you figure out incentives, appraisals, and more.

Search assigner and assignee

For agencies and companies with 10 or more employees, finding the right person to assign your tasks to can involve a lot of scrolling.

Well, no more! Now you can use the new search bar to find the right person to assign the task to within seconds.

You can also use the search feature to find an assigner, in case you wish to change the responsible person for a task.

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