Feature enhancements and bug fixes, incoming!

October 14, 2022

Every few weeks we like to pause the feature releases that are being pushed at a breakneck speed. Why? Because while we're strong believers in, "Move fast and break things," we do like to fix features for usability.

This is one such week where we're enhancing certain features we shipped recently and squashing some critical bugs while at it. Let's tell you all about what we've been up to this week:

Unpinning made easy

We're making it simpler for you to unpin files not vital to you any longer, quickly. Simply hover over the pin icon on the sidebar and click unpin. It's that easy now! This will help you avoid going into the Workspace or file and locating the unpin button. Save clicks, save time.

Go back to main task from subtask

The subtask feature is hands down one of our favorite things to use in the Board view. You can keep populating these dependent tasks within a core one and also see their relationship in the task card outside. But earlier, if you were inside a subtask, going back into the parent task meant having to start from scratch: You go to the Board view and click on the task again. Well, no more. We've added a back button to the subtask so you can switch between the main and dependent tasks with ease.

Bug fix: Label incorrectly populating

We also fixed a critical bug this week that would cause labels to populate incorrectly when opening a task from the dashboard or via notifications. Now, when you head to a fullscreen task directly, you won't be met with inaccurate data!

New help pages are here

A drawback of shipping big features regularly is that the user manual usually lags behind for a while. So, we gave the help pages a complete overhaul with information about how to use our latest features, files, views, and integrations, as well as details about settings. And FAQs! Take a look and bookmark the page for further help.

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