Introducing Sketchnote Templates!

November 17, 2021

This is a big, big week for us as far as updates go. You'll see why.

We keep harping on the fact that we're in beta, in every piece of communication we have. That's so you, our users, know we're constantly changing and upgrading Sketchnote. It's so we can give you the most intuitive and complete experience of using the platform, and get us on the same page as you.

To that end, we're making the biggest change yet to Sketchnote, as you knew it. Presenting Sketchnote Templates!

Creations are now templates! Building startups are as hard as they are time-consuming. And getting the right tools to work on your startup, at the right time, can be a make-or-break decision for most. And so, Sketchnote is speeding things along! Now, you no longer need to finish lessons first to unlock creations. We're rebranding creations to templates, which will be "unlocked" permanently and available on our Template Store. Browse through all vital areas of startup building and scaling—as well as personal development—and choose the template most important to you. Work on it instantly with your team, or by yourself! Lessons will still be available for you to enhance your knowledge of the subject at hand, and can be worked upon along with your team too!

Better navigation, incoming! One of our tech team's biggest pet peeves is seeing users having to click that one extra time to achieve what they had set out to do. They keep their eyes peeled to check out user experience of this sort and try to change it in small ways—sometimes in ways you might not even notice! Worry not, though! That's kinda the job of this emailer, right? As part of these experience delights, you'll now find a more improved navigation function when you use Docs, the newly-minted My Templates section, or even boards. Now when you hit the back button from navigation when inside a doc or board, you'll be taken to the private or shared section you were on earlier. No more clicking twice to go back to where you started this exercise off from!

Lesson audio behavior improvements We hear you! Sometimes when you're learning a module, you'd rather not listen to the audio. This could be to hear your thoughts, discuss things with your team, or even so you don't disturb people around you as you work! Previously, when you paused the audio on a card, you'd have to repeat your action on the next one. No more! Now, when you stop audio in one card, it'll remain this way till you manually unpause it! Remember, if you wish to keep the audio off, you can do so in the Preferences section of your settings.

Bug fixes: Editor enhancements In our quest to make the markdown editor better and more responsive, we've made some more improvements to it this week! Now, when you wish to select multiple blocks of text or tables from the editor, the process will be much faster and less laggy. Another fix we've implemented will see your screen automatically scroll when you start a new line on the editor. This is so your current line is always in focus and gets your undivided attention.

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