All Eyes On Sketchnote Whiteboard

February 20, 2023

This week's newsletter is quite packed with feature additions to Sketchnote Whiteboards and Forms. Feature additions that we think you will find a lot of utility in. So, let's get straight into it!

Follow and Spotlight with colleagues on Whiteboard

We love how teams use Whiteboards to jam and create plans together, visually. But when you have a scattered, remote team and multiple people working on a huge canvas, it can be a bit difficult. Not only when it comes to finding out what (or where) your colleagues are working on, but also when you need to put the attention back on yourself. And so, we've got Follow and Spotlight!

To be able to follow a particular collaborator, all you need to do is click on their profile picture on the top right of your screen. You'll instantly "follow" them to whatever part of the canvas they're on in the moment. To unfollow them, click on their picture again!

When you want to bring the attention back to you, hover over your profile picture and click on "Spotlight" to instantly bring all collaborators over to your side of the canvas, so they can look at what you're doing. When you'd like them to go back to doing their own thing, simply click on "Cancel".

Check out how these features work in the video above!

Auto-submit timer on Forms

The use cases of Sketchnote forms are innumerable. While many use it to get feedback, apply for leaves and requests, or collect applications, an important aspect of using forms is also conducting tests. Whether they're for students or for jobs, Sketchnote forms can smoothly double up as a robust way to collect information and analyze it.

And now, you can set a timer to your form, which will auto-submit whatever sections the responder has filled till that time. You can find the option to set a timer using the gear icon on the top right of your forms screen. Do note that you can't mark any field as required when you create forms with auto-submit timers at this point.

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