Delete Spam Entries on Sketchnote Forms

May 29th, 2023

We've had an exciting couple of weeks here at Sketchnote, both online and offline. While we continue working on improving the Sketchnote experience for our users, we're also involved on-ground to create a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

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But for now, here are this week's amazing updates:

Form entries can now be deleted

Sketchnote forms have been a hit since the day we launched it, there's no two ways about that! But it's only through constant feedback we've received from our power-users that we've been able to improve its functionality and make it perfect. And this week's update is an addition to it—you can now delete form entries you've received.

Several times—despite CAPTCHA, et al—spam entries on your form can trickle through. And accounting for them after downloading a CSV file of it can become a tedious affair. Not to mention it messes with summary answers and analytics when you try to look at the larger picture.

So, you can now delete entries irrelevant to you on forms. Simply hit the delete button on the top right of the entry in the inbox view. And housekeeping done!

Customize dashboard option now easier to find

Within Sketchnote itself, we've got a hundred different permutations and combinations of how our dashboard widgets look like. While I swear by my calendar widget, our tech team loves the Upcoming deadline widget. And the content team absolutely needs the Tasks recently assigned to you widget, so they always know what's up!

We've always been big fans of users being able to see what's important to them at a glance on the dashboard. But customizing it was always a two-step process, with users needing to go into Settings first.

Now, we've got the customize button right there on the dashboard, so you can quickly dress up your screen just the way you want it! Simply toggle widgets on and off and save changes easily.

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