Introducing Sketchnote Forms!

October 7, 2022

We've got a solid new update for you this week. We now have Forms on Sketchnote! Yes, you can now design your own questionnaires, send them across to clients, employees and anyone else at all, and collect answers. Let's tell you all about this (plus another nifty new feature improvement)

Sketchnote forms are now live!

Create your own forms for everything from collecting contact information to event registration, feedback, job application and a lot, lot more! The best part? You can share this form you create with your team within Sketchnote and with outside clients and collaborators—anywhere on the Internet!

Begin using Forms by adding as many fields as you need, including star ratings and linear scales to collect all the information you need from your responders. Each question has space for a description as well as a placeholder answer, so your target audience is never confused. Bonus: Add images to any question and even to multiple-choice options!

Once the responses start pouring in, you can head to the results tab and check them out. Option number one is the Inbox view, where you can see the whole form with answers from one responder at a time. Option number two is the Summary view, where you can check out answers to each question, collectively. When it comes to linear scales and star ratings, you'll see a graph chart view to process data points like most common answers!

While this is just the beginning, we're looking at expanding Form capabilities by leaps and bounds, including templates as well as the ability to turn responses into tasks. Stay tuned!

Task history is here

We're also super pumped to tell you that task history is now live. Inside each task, you can now check out just how it got to the stage it did and who worked on it.

Check out information such as sub-task creation, status changes, new custom fields, completion changes, column changes, who's been watching it, and a lot more. Phew!

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