Bug fixes: Editor, Organization and Workspaces

January 26, 2022

This one’s going to be a real special emailer. Why? Because this one’s solely dedicated to fixing bugs! When you’re building fast—and in public—things tend to break, and at Sketchnote we’re committed to making sure we fix as fast as we ship. Without further ado, here’s what’s newly patched up at Sketchnote!

Organization and workspace fixes

First up, we’ve fixed a bunch of behavioral issues when it comes to organizations and workspaces.

Public workspaces will now be visible to all members of the organization, and won’t behave erratically. When you now remove a member of the organization, you won’t see issues cropping up on the platform either. And once the member is removed, all their documents will get auto-assigned to the organization owner.

Editor fixes

Firefox users were particularly facing an issue where clicking on a placeholder wouldn’t focus on the block. General browser users also had an issue where the editor would crash while the data was being synced. We’ve made sure both these issues are in the past now.

Boards fixes

This one’s a lot cooler because it’s got some bug fixes+improvements. Buckle up:

Now you can scroll board columns individually. Instead of the whole page moving together, you can work on checking just one column out. Another big change here is that you can now move columns in boards easily.

Now when you move a task to the last column, we’ll automatically remove the expiry date color, on the assumption that it’s been done!

Psst, we now let you add multiple labels to your task!

Last, but not the least, you will now see the watch icon on the board when you’ve chosen to watch the task. This will let you easily figure which crucial ones you need to be keeping an eye on. Geddit, geddit?

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