Adding a Better Way To Log Time!

April 5, 2024

The ability to see exactly where time's being spent on tasks is a superpower. With this ability, you can see exactly where things need optimization, your timely intervention to clear bottlenecks, and how to design smoother work processes. And today's main update story will help you account for time better. Let's tell you all about it:

Add manual time log

You spoke, and we listened! Introducing the new manual time log feature on Sketchnote. Now, you can easily log time for your tasks directly from the Timesheets tab. Simply navigate to the left side panel, click on "Add time log," select the task, input the date, time spent, and add a brief description. This feature is perfect for scenarios where you're offline, working separately, or need to log time retrospectively.

Add description to time logs

Enhancing the Time Log feature is the addition of the Description tab! Now, you can provide relevant details about the time spent on each task when you're tracking time. You can add descriptions to time spent from within the tasks when using a timer, or retrospectively on manual time log. This information is also exportable, making it convenient for billing and invoicing purposes. A big thanks to Sketchnote poweruser Atul Dhakappa of Xenia Consulting for suggesting this valuable addition!

Scrollbar enhancements

For Sketchnote users on Windows systems, we've implemented horizontal and vertical scrollbars across all views. Say goodbye to endless scrolling with the keyboard and hello to streamlined navigation! A special shout-out to Tensai for suggesting this feature addition.

Centralized filter button

We've now added a centralized filter button for being able to find your tasks better. Now, you can easily filter categories across Global tasks, Timesheets, and List view without the hassle of scrolling to locate the section.

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