Change Subtask Status Columns on Sketchnote

December 8, 2023

'Tis the season... for UX enhancements! You got it; over the last couple of weeks, we've been sifting through the tweaks suggested by Sketchnote users like you. And we've implemented a whole bunch of these to make your experience on Sketchnote even better.

Here they are:

Subtask status control You now have the power to change the status of a subtask independently from its parent task. This newest feature update grants you more precise control over each component of your project, allowing you to monitor progress with unmatched granularity.

How can you do this? Well, simply change the status in the list view. Or you can do it from within the task module.

Which brings us to...

Update task status from inside module Yes! You can now change the status column of the task from within the open module. Which means no more closing the task and dragging it from one column to the other on the Kanban board. You can continue changing the status column from the List view as is. A big shoutout to team Xenia Consulting for suggesting these two amazing feature tweaks that are the heroes of this week!

Label color customization We're happy to announce that you can now customize task labels according to your preferences. Previously, auto-assigned colors sometimes led to duplication. That won't happen anymore; the control lies in your hands! Change colors as many times as you need to make your view as informative as possible in one glance.

Hide and show List columns You can now hide columns that you're not interested in seeing on the List view. Simply click on the three dashes next to a column name, head to the columns tab, and deselect the ones you do not wish to see at the moment. Select them back if you change your mind! These hide-and-show filters will be native to your browser, so your teammates continue seeing the columns as is! Psst: You can also drag and shuffle columns around, and these too will only be visible to you. Get comfortable with the order of the data you want to work with!

Document fixes We're continually working on making sure Documents are a stronger view for you to use. We've made a collaboration enhancement, to ensure a lot more of your team can work on the docs together without it throwing up issues. A cursor jump fix issue has also been fixed. Earlier, if a collaborator deleted the text where you were currently at, your cursor would jump to the start of the doc. This bug has been fixed.

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