Presenting A New-Look List View!

October 13, 2023

This time's update is all about upgrades! If you remember, we introduced a proper swanky new look to the My Tasks view. And you've loved it!

Our epic new change this time means the same stunning new look will now be available to ALL lists across Sketchnote. Including Scrum view, which also has a bunch of new improvements to it. Let's tell you more:

A new-look List view!

This has been an epic update in the waiting for months now and we're so glad to take it live!

This makeover was made with a focus on providing users with a more efficient and visually appealing task management experience. The tasks now look larger and more attractive, ensuring that your important issues stand out and can be prioritized with ease.

You can view all essential task details, due dates, and tags without the need to open each task individually, streamlining your workflow.

Plus, the performance of the List view has been optimized for faster loading and smoother operation, even when dealing with large task lists! What's more? You can add 5,000 rows to your list view, without facing any lag or other issues. This new improvement is best for large database work.

Making changes to Scrum view

Since the List view has got a new look, your tasks in Scrum view will also don this amazing new avatar! You can see your tasks in a more compact, yet detailed format.

We've also made a couple of more minor—yet important—changes to Scrum. One, when you add a subtask to an item, you can change the parent of the task from within it. It makes moving a subtask from one issue to another an absolute breeze and you can work dependencies out a lot more flexibly.

Two, you can now change the item type of a subtask. So, for example, a subtask under a story type can be changed to a bug—the subtask is no longer bound by the parent type!

Check out all the changes in action, now!

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