Sync Google Calendar With Sketchnote

August 4, 2022

After a bit of a hiatus, we're back to tell you about all that's new with Sketchnote! Surely, you've been wondering what's new, right? Well, we've got a brand new Google Calendar widget for all your task sync needs! Let's tell you about it:

Sync your Google Calendars with Sketchnote

We know a lot of your day's scheduling depends on Google Calendar. It's where you receive call invites, task reminders, and a lot more. So, we thought let's take this integration live so you can sync all your Google Calendar events with Sketchnote!

You can now add multiple Google accounts to your Sketchnote dashboard's calendar and see all the tasks that are scheduled for you on the day! Two quick ways of adding an account: You can directly click on My Calendars on the widget and add your ID. Or you can head to Preferences and then Integrations. Choose the Google Calendar option and you're good to go.

Quite like analytics, this is just the beginning of the functionalities of Google Calendar on Sketchnote. We'd love to hear what features you'd want with this widget!

Smarter Add Task modal

We get it. Some mornings it's just an avalanche of tasks that hits you—especially if it's a Monday. Then it isn't really convenient to have a whole new window open up every time you wish to add a task. And this is something we've gleaned from YOUR feedback! So, we've made the Add Task modal a little quicker. Now when you click on Add Task, you will be able to quickly jot down a header and continue adding more issues to the Board. To fill in more details, click on the task again, and you're ready to go!

Check both our new features in action in the video above!

Bug fixes

This one isn't as much a bug fix as it is a feature tweak, really. We're making it easier to see if a workspace is public or private. All you need to do is hover over the side panel. If you see a locked icon, it's a private workspace. Even when you're inside a workspace now, we're prominently displaying the public or private status of the workspace, for your convenience.

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