Turn Your Form Responses Into Tasks

May 15, 2023

It's been about a couple of weeks since we announced the Sketchnote AI feature, and we've been floored by your response and appreciation! While you still work on crushing those content pieces and ideas on Sketchnote AI, we've got a couple of nifty new updates for you for this week. Let's get into it!

Turn form answers into tasks

You asked for it, and we delivered! Now, when you create a new form, you can also link it to a file that will populate responses as tasks. These tasks can easily be assigned to your team and worked on. Those customer feedback forms or troubleshooting requests? Don't spend hours turning responses into tasks and then assigning them to your team.

In the settings option on the top right, select Form settings and then Save results as tasks. Create a new file in a workspace and select the question you want the tasks to be named after. So for example, if it's a feedback form, you can have the names of the responders as task titles.

Nifty, right? Check out the video to see how it works!

Download timesheets

This cool new update will let you export your timesheet data locally to your devices now. When you add a timesheet to any board where your team's been logging in their hours, you can check out a brilliant breakdown of estimated time, time tracked, billable, and non-billable hours.

Further, each task is broken down into time spent on it by each user and multiple sessions for each task.

Now, you can export this data as a CSV sheet. This will allow you to check out your data on any spreadsheet software, and you can re-upload this information on Sketchnote to work on it in more detail. Turn the infor in this CSV into visual charts, filter data, and find a more effective way to maximize your potential output—collectively!

New way to find workspaces

You already know workspaces are accessible from the left of your screen. The side panel houses these workspaces, as well as dropdowns to let you look at pinned files. Now, we will also help you get to workspaces faster, with a new section on the dashboard!

You can check out thumbnails of your workspaces and access them from the dashboard too!

Icons get a mini overhaul

In our quest to make Sketchnote look and feel stunning, we regularly make small changes here and there. However, this one's a special upgrade. We've been tweaking our icons to be more accurate—and aesthetically pleasing—this week!

The icons will mostly remain in a non-filled state (for example, a delete icon will look like an empty trash can and not a full one) and will be sleeker and more modern looking now.

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